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In its simplest form, Isle of Ruby is a Ruby conference. We aspire though to create something bigger — a festival of sorts. A festival for our craft — for technology and for Ruby, our programming language of choice.

Technology does not exist in a vacuum. While Isle of Ruby wants to be a Ruby conference, it also wants spur on members of our community to consider how the work we do affects the world around us. We invite Rubyists to talk on projects and experiences among those lines and we will bring in people from other programming communities and disciplines to help us explore some of these questions.

Schedule outline



Some of the topics that we will touch upon through our speakers are:


Our attendees will then take centre stage via lightning talk and fishbowl sessions.

As we want this conference to have a camp feel we will have a lot of informal activities and a Siesta where all participants will create and attend events that are meaningful to them.

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Welcome to the Isle of Ruby — April 2018

a short note about the focus of the event

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