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Jan Krutisch

Jan is a Cofounder of Depfu, your friendly dependency updating robot factory by day and a digital artist of sorts by night. Well, actually he usually sleeps at night, but you get the idea. He’s doing a lot of hipster JavaScript nowadays, but Ruby is still his happy place, thank you very much.

My Ruby is a Paintbrush. My Ruby is a Synth.

In 2017, Ruby is proven, almost boring technology. We use it mostly to build Backends for Hipster Technology™ JavaScript Frontends. But Ruby can do so much more - so let’s explore that. Ruby can paint pictures. Ruby can make music. As we will see: Ruby can be an engineer’s tool, or an artist’s tool.

The Ruby community is very much focused on Rails. But while building web applications can be fun, in 2017, it is not always the most exciting of all jobs. I’m going to show you a handful of interesting projects and tools to use Ruby to do things you probably didn’t think about. Like making music. Or creating 3D objects. Or driving a light show. Or …