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Jeremy Evans

Jeremy Evans is the lead developer of the Sequel database library, the Roda web framework, the Rodauth authentication framework, as well as many other Ruby libraries. He has contributed to all three major Ruby implementations, as well as many popular Ruby libraries. He is the maintainer of Ruby ports for the OpenBSD operating system.

Running a Government Department on Ruby for over 12 Years

When most people think of government programming, they tend to think Java or C#, developed by lowest-bid consultants, delivered late and over budget, manually tested, where quality is not the focus.

In many cases, that is unfortunately accurate. However, there are some government departments that think differently, using Ruby to develop applications in-house, on time, with a focus on making sure everything works and continues to work using automated testing.

In this presentation, I will be sharing my experiences running the programming unit for a government department for the last 12 years. I will discuss our approach of having developers working directly with stakeholders to determine requirements, how we prioritize requests for new features, how we use Ruby for all types of applications, and our unique web application stack and how it uses defense-in-depth approaches to prevent and contain attacks.