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José Albornoz


José is a pragmatical programmer who is passionate about communities and software architecture.

Currently living in Canada, José makes commerce better for everyone at Shopify.

In the past, he has co-founded companies, mentored for Rails Girls, and helped organise Ruby-related events, such as conferences, picnics, and anything in between.

Anticipating the unforeseen consequences of dynamic user-centred websites

Throughout the years I’ve always seen the same pattern in ambitious Rails applications: The Architecture is never right. Despite being a very opinionated framework, whenever MVC doesn’t cut it, Rails offers little guidance. In this talk we’ll do a deep dive on Domain Driven Design, and how it can help large Rails applications. We’ll discuss when is the right time to do it, and how Shopify is currently embracing it. We’ll also go through some patterns that have helped us successfuly refactor complicated Rails code.