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Marie Kochsiek

Marie is both, a sociologist and software developer. Therefore she is interested in the intersections of technologies and societies, especially with respect to digital health tracking and digital rights. Currently, together with two other awesome developers she is working on an open source period tracking app. Her favourite code is free & open source, her favourite message is encrypted and her favourite hackspace is the @heartofcode.

It’s free. It’s open. Period.

What happens if you track menstrual bleeding, sexual activity and your mood with a funky app?

Very often period tracking apps promise to be the technical solution to the challenge of providing inexpensive reproductive health care. Many companies hop on the lucrative train and try to track every body part and function in order to gather large amounts of extremely intimate and potentially valuable data. However, inaccuracy can lead to serious health issues.

Let’s have a closer look at the usage of period tracking and its implications on socio-cultural and economic aspects of reproductive health. By sharing insights of qualitative research that I conducted with users of the period tracking app ‘Clue’, I will discuss the users’ motivation and needs. This will show how health and reproductive care needs - more than any other sector - technologies that are transparent and reliable.